Althris Consulting Services

Althris Consulting is quite simply your answer to skill-building within your organisation. Through our pragmatic approach, Althris can help you achieve exceptional and measurable results, with the perfect balance of governance, methodology and process. We’re here to help you deliver your training and development initiatives and to tackle any challenges you face along the way.

We supply you with the tools, tips and tricks to succeed in solving the modern and traditional challenges all businesses face. Our consultancy focuses on all elements of business, including leadership support, people planning, performance management and more. Rest assured that when you work with us, you really are working with the experts.

Learning and Development continues to become more and more crucial to organisational success. That’s why we take it so seriously and have worked tirelessly to enable us to provide you with second-to-none consultancy. And in this ever-changing subject, we pride ourselves on keeping up with latest and best practices.

Every organisation & project is unique

And so is the way we work with you.

Whoever you are and whatever project you’re working on, you’ll enjoy a friendly, helpful and tailored approach with your objectives at the heart of everything we do. We plan, deliver, measure and report on our collective projects/challenges from start to finish. And because we’ve worked on a vast number of projects and have basically seen it all, we know what works; which saves you time and money finding out for yourself.


Providing consultancy in a range of areas, including:

Learning and Development Project Support

An extension of your team

All too often, organisations are limited by the individuals within their project teams, as they have no new ideas and work the way they have always worked, allowing no room for new and improved methodologies and performance. More people, particularly when experts in the field, bring more chance of success. We bring you fresh ideas that we’ve already implemented with other businesses out there, and most importantly, ideas that are already proving to be a success.

See us as additional team members. When you choose us to join your project team, we become an extension of your team, share your objectives and coach your team to excel through healthy, sensible and down-to-earth management. From creating and reviewing performance management approaches, to creating behavioral competencies or launching development programs, we’ll work hand-in-hand with your Project Manager to ensure they have the confidence, skills and resources to deliver.

You’ll be working with a team of professionals who know the steps of your project inside-out and know the potential risks and challenges involved. We get to know you and your business so that every solution is personalised. We’re ready and waiting to share our experiences, our talent and our proven-to-work ideas with you.


Learning and Development Resources

Althris provides fixed-term resource solutions and can provide anything from one person to an entire team of experts. We know that existing staff can often get distracted by non-project related activities. That’s why we supply you with people who are best suited to the specific role you require, and who are focused on that project only. No longer will you have project deadlines extended or incomplete because of project team members having ‘alternative priorities’. We ensure the project is completed, to a superb standard, and on time!

Choose our resource solutions to access the best talent in the market, who will strive to get the job done the way you want it doing. From industries such as technology, retail and financial to FMCG, manufacturing and hospitality, our specialist contractors have multi-industry experience. Let us join your team and boost your key metrics, helping you and your business flourish as a result.


Agile and Project Management

We live in a world that is ever changing, and so are our businesses and the way we operate. Sometimes we simply do not have the time to research, plan and implement change, which is why we must be prepared to make decisions and implement change speedily and correctly. Agile project management enables us to do this. With agile project management, you will be equipped with tools that help you implement projects in the business world we live in today. Through consideration to people, products and practices, you will discover how to act and react to modern changes we see in the modern business world we live in.

Are you looking for tailored training that aligns with your business goals? Do you want to develop senior leaders who lead from the front? Or maybe you want to build a team of future leaders to support your succession planning? Whatever your requirements, tell us your needs and objectives and we will partner with you to help you thrive. Our solutions are proven to increase productivity and employee empowerment. Happy staff make happy workplaces, and in turn, happy customers.

Althris Training

At Althris we have a proven record in delivering Project Manager and Agile Training.