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Althris have been providing Team Management Training and Trainers for many years. With outstanding results in all areas of Team Management and Development, we can work with you to adopt new approaches and techniques, helping you to achieve measurable and sustainable results.


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Team Management In-Class Training

Team Management Courses Dublin

Today, effective team leadership skills are more sought-after than ever. Industries across the spectrum recognise the imperative role of efficient managers in boosting productivity, promoting health and safety, and streamlining organisational processes. 

With its reputation as a skills hub in Ireland, Dublin is an ideal destination for essential Team Management training

Althris: Your Preferred Training Course Provider

Althris offers a comprehensive programme tailored to hone your team management skills. 

Our courses are designed to equip you with strategies to motivate your team, manage business activities effectively and enhance the overall health of your organisation. 

Our location in Dublin City South makes us easily accessible. 

Ready to take the next step in your career? Contact us today and join our Team Management Courses in Dublin.

What Is Team Management Training?

It goes beyond task delegation, creating a collaborative environment where every member contributes to shared goals. Leadership training is vital in developing these crucial skills.

Adaptive and collaborative approaches in the workplace are common nowadays. This shift towards shared leadership emphasises the significance of team leadership training.

Althris team management training in Dublin City equips professionals with the necessary skills to lead and inspire high-performance teams. 

Join us and get on the path to successful team management.

Team Leader Training Dublin

Althris Team Leader Training Courses in Dublin

Althris offers a range of team leadership courses tailored to enhance your management role. 

  • Kanban Training and Certification: A course that equips learners with new skills to efficiently manage workflows. 
  • Scrum Master Training course: A qualification renowned for emphasising Agile project management principles.
  • Short-term management workshops: Offering a blend of theory and practical exercises, these pave the way for successful completion of team projects. 

All courses are delivered in-classroom, in-house or in a live virtual classroom, allowing learners to work closely with our experts, regardless of location. 

Kanban - Leading & Supervising Teams

Kanban team leadership training courses introduce you to the principles of agility, efficiency, and continuous improvement. This course will help you understand how to manage work effectively and optimise workflows.

Key Benefits

  • Agile project management competency in the workplace.
  • Efficient workflow management, waste reduction, and team performance improvement.
  • Team collaboration encourages active, ongoing learning and improvement.
  • Efficient workflow management, waste reduction, and team performance improvement.
  • Optimisation of work processes and the work passing through them.
  • Globally recognised Kanban certification upon completion.

Who is it for?

  • Designed for product development or knowledge work professionals.
  • Suitable for project managers, developers, product managers, business analysts, team leaders, Agile coaches, and supervisory management positions.
Change And Management And Project Management

Why Choose Althris Kanban Training?

  • Accredited training providers.
  • Expert trainers with real-world Agile and Kanban experience.
  • Tailored courses in Dublin to meet the specific needs of various business sectors.
  • In-person courses, online courses, and workshops available.

Kanban Training and Certification

Scrum Master Training - Supervisor/Team Leader Development Programme

Scrum Master training provides an introduction to the role and responsibilities of a Scrum Master. It is significant in Dublin’s tech industry and focuses on Agile methodologies.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive understanding of Scrum methodologies and Agile principles to effectively guide teams through complex projects. 
  • Improved team dynamics, collaboration, communication, and conflict resolution for increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Implementing Scrum methodologies leads to faster delivery, higher product quality, and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Scrum Master certification enhances industry credibility, setting you apart in the job market with new career opportunities.
  • Globally recognised Scrum Master certification upon completion.

Who is it for?

  • Newcomers to Scrum or those seeking Scrum Fundamentals certification.
  • Experienced project managers who are transitioning to Agile projects.
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Why Choose Althris Scrum Master Training?

  • Accredited training providers.
  • Comprehensive Scrum Master certification course.
  • Experienced trainers with industry expertise.
  • In-person, online, and self-paced learning options.
  • Tailored in-house training solutions for teams.

Scrum Master Training


Team Management Information Pack

Do you require further information about our Team Management courses and solutions, whether you are a company or individual you can request the information you need below.

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Team Management Information Pack for Companies
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Team Management Information Pack for Individuals
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Team Development

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Why Choose Althris Training?

At Althris, we understand the learning and development challenges in the modern day business world. And we also know that no two businesses are the same. That’s why when you choose to work with us; you’ll find the very latest training services available, and tailored to you and your business needs.

From learning and development project support, expert contractors and training for agile and project management, we provide a variety of solutions that we have practised and perfected over the years.

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What makes us different?

“We take you beyond traditional training.”

That’s right. When you choose to work with us, we take you beyond the traditional training methods you have become accustom too. Just like the business world, training methods are ever changing and developing. We’ll work with you to adopt new approaches and techniques, helping you to achieve measurable and sustainable results.

We’re best known for our interactive initiatives, incorporating active learning and training games in our approach.

“We help our customers implement today and plan for the changes of tomorrow.” 

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