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The Rise of Strategic Project Management

Today’s fast-paced business world means the demand for strategic project management is steadily accelerating. Companies are moving away from traditional methods and wish to apply project management skills that offer a comprehensive approach to achieving organisational objectives. 

Here at our Dublin training centre, you can learn to leverage these project management trends and drive your career forward.

Lucrative Careers in Programme Management

There’s never been a better time to be a Programme Manager in Ireland. With the median salary of €76,000 on the rise, the field is an increasingly attractive career path. 

Our Programme Management courses give you the knowledge and skills to tap into this lucrative market. 

Start your journey towards a successful Programme Management career with Altrhis today.

What Is Programme Management?

Programme management is a structured approach to organising and guiding projects towards successful completion, always keeping strategic objectives at the core. 

It’s about completing the project plan on time and within budget and aligning projects with the broader organisational goals. 

Our programme management courses in Dublin instil these management principles. Trainees learn how to control a cluster of projects and ensure they contribute to the overall organisational strategy. 

MSP Programme Management provides an invaluable platform to learn, grow, and lead with success.

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What is MSP®: Managing Successful Programmes 5th Edition?

MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) is a well-established programme management framework that aligns programmes and projects with organisational strategy. 

It promotes enterprise agility, delivering beneficial outcomes while managing risks and engaging stakeholders. 

With its principles, themes, and management methodologies, MSP provides a roadmap for the programme lifecycle, including larger and more complex projects. 

It ensures successful programme characteristics, effective governance, and a clear route to deliver desired outcomes.

How Can Organisations And Individuals Benefit From MSP?

Organisations that use MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) in their approach to programme management can reap numerous benefits:

  • Manage Complexity: MSP gives a step-by-step guide to dealing with the intricacies of managing large, multi-faceted projects smoothly and effectively.
  • Resource Allocation: It ensures the optimal use of resources and avoids wasting time and money.
  • Strategic Alignment: MSP aligns all projects and programmes with the overarching organisational strategy by targeting all efforts towards a common goal.

The approach allows an organisation to deliver strategic programmes and multiple projects with the desired benefits and maximise return on investment.

For individuals, MSP offers several advantages:

  • Certification: MSP is an internationally recognised certification. It validates your knowledge and expertise in programme management.

Career Progression: MSP certification paves the way for career progression. It’s ideal for those aspiring to hold senior project and programme management roles and business change managers.

MSP Levels

The MSP certification pathway consists of two levels: MSP Foundation and MSP Practitioner. These levels provide a thorough understanding of the MSP framework and its practical application. 

  • MSP Foundation: Learn the framework fundamentals and integrate MSP into your daily work practices.
  • MSP Practitioner: Build on the foundation level, gaining analytical tools to think strategically as a successful programme manager. 

Master programme management with our comprehensive training courses in Dublin. Empower your career, drive organisational success, and become a certified MSP professional.

Career Opportunities in Programme Management

Dublin’s dynamic business landscape offers plenty of opportunities in programme management across various sectors. 

  • IT Project Managers are in high demand, responsible for applying formal project and programme management methodologies within the tech industry, often focusing on the unique challenges of managing complex IT programs. 
  • Agile Coaches are also sought after. Their roles centre around enhancing team efficiency and implementing Agile principles of project management. 
  • Business Analysts, meanwhile, use their comprehensive knowledge and skills to bridge gaps between IT and business sectors, ensuring alignment of business projects with strategic goals.

The demand for these roles extends across a wide range of sectors. 

  • The IT sector, for instance, sees a continuous need for professionals with experience in project management to lead tech initiatives and manage the rapid pace of technological advancement. 
  • The construction industry requires programme management professionals to ensure successful project delivery compliant with time, cost, and quality parameters. 
  • In the financial services sector, management professionals must navigate the unique challenges and opportunities of delivering complex programmes in a dynamic and highly regulated environment. 

Each of these sectors contributes to the bustling business environment in Dublin. They provide abundant career opportunities for those with leadership skills and a diploma or certification in leadership and management from a recognised institution like PeopleCert, the National College of Ireland, or similar institutions.

Career Opportunities

Our Success Stories

Our Programme Management courses have helped countless professionals from a wide range of backgrounds who wish to learn how to apply programme management skills in their careers. 

Participants often commend our practical approach to project management, which has exponentially enhanced their knowledge and skills. 

For instance, James, a senior manager at a leading tech firm, recommends this course to anyone wishing to develop a structured and effective approach to complex projects. He credits his success in managing a project in a challenging business environment to the comprehensive course content and the hands-on experience gained.


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Managing Successful Programmes

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That’s right. When you choose to work with us, we take you beyond the traditional training methods you have become accustom too. Just like the business world, training methods are ever changing and developing. We’ll work with you to adopt new approaches and techniques, helping you to achieve measurable and sustainable results.

We’re best known for our interactive initiatives, incorporating active learning and training games in our approach.

“We help our customers implement today and plan for the changes of tomorrow.” 

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Programme Management FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

MSP Programme Management and Project Management Institute (PMI) certifications differ primarily in approach and scope. 

MSP, or Managing Successful Programmes, is a methodology that focuses on overseeing multiple interrelated projects that contribute towards achieving complex change or transformation. Typically, a public sector Project Management Office (PMO) uses it where strategic alignment, governance, and stakeholder management are crucial. 

In contrast, PMI certification, such as the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential, centres on the management of individual projects. PMP is a globally recognised certification that provides comprehensive knowledge of traditional, predictive project management. 

Both certifications are valuable in a project management career. However, the choice between the two depends on your role, industry, and organisation’s specific needs.

Here at our Dublin training centre, you can learn to leverage these project management trends and drive your career forward.

No, a professional diploma is not a prerequisite for undertaking MSP (Managing Successful Programmes). However, a solid understanding of project management frameworks, experience in project delivery, or formal project management training can be advantageous. 

MSP addresses the distinct challenges and opportunities of delivering complex programmes in the public sector and business environments. 

This practical course is designed to provide professionals from various backgrounds with the programme management essentials to apply a strategic, comprehensive approach to business project management.

A project and programme manager play distinct roles in the project management discipline. The primary difference lies in their focus areas. 

Project management focuses on the unique aspects of individual projects – it is tactical. Project managers ensure that each task is completed on time and within budget.

Programme management is more strategic (typically senior management level). The strategy requires a capability in project management, overseeing multiple interconnected projects (a programme), and ensuring they meet collective goals. Programme managers may need to apply practical project management and leadership principles across various projects running simultaneously. They might also develop in-house one-day fundamentals of programme management courses or instructor-led online sessions to develop team capabilities.

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