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Althris have been providing Change Management Training and Trainers for many years. With our record of outstanding results in all areas of Change Management Development, we can work with you to adopt new approaches and techniques, helping you to achieve measurable and sustainable results.

Managing change is paramount for any organisation in an ever-evolving business environment. Dublin is a vibrant hub for professional development and offers the perfect setting for our Change Management Courses. 

At Althris, we address the increasing need for organisations to adapt, communicate, and lead change within their teams. 

We give managers the tools and techniques to implement effective organisational change, ensuring they can navigate various dynamic business sectors in Ireland. 

Our training courses help you master the art of leading change, ensuring you and your team can adapt and excel in any situation. 

Choose Althris for your Change Management Course in Dublin – where we turn managing change into a strategic advantage.


Fully Accredited

Althris Change Management Training and Trainers are fully accredited and certified

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Fully certified, highly qualified and have comprehensive experience in all aspects of Change Management

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Bespoke Training

We take you beyond the traditional training methods to help you achieve measurable & sustainable results

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Change Management In-Class Training

What Is Change Management?

Change management forms part of the strategic process that ensures a smooth transition from old methods to new business models. It helps stakeholders adapt to change within their organisation while maintaining operations and market competitiveness.

Why Is Change Management Training Important?

Organisational change training drives a transformative journey, preparing teams to embrace innovative approaches. Effectively managing change brings business success. Streamlining transitions and mitigating resistance helps pave the way for improved productivity and efficiency.

In-Class Training

Althris Change Management Courses Dublin, Ireland

Change Management Foundation Course

An empowering three-day training course, expertly crafted to help you implement change successfully within your organisation. Aligned to the Change Management Institute Body of Knowledge (CMBoK)

The modules explore the fundamentals of change, management models, and the psychology of change. 

Learners gain the essential knowledge and skills to manage organisational change effectively and help staff to adapt to changes. 

By the end of the course, you will be ready for the APMG Change Management Foundation Certificate Exam. Successful completion will boost your CV and advance your career prospects. 

Enrol in this enriching learning experience that integrates real-life examples, equipping you to drive positive transformation and boost productivity within the workplace.



Change Management Information Pack

Do you require further information about our Change Management courses and solutions, whether you are a company or individual you can request the information you need below.

For Companies

Change Management Information Pack for Companies
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For Individuals

Change Management Information Pack for Individuals
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Change Management Principles

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Why Choose Althris Training?

At Althris, we understand the learning and development challenges in the modern day business world. And we also know that no two businesses are the same. That’s why when you choose to work with us; you’ll find the very latest training services available, and tailored to you and your business needs.

From learning and development project support, expert contractors and training for agile and project management, we provide a variety of solutions that we have practised and perfected over the years.

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What makes us different?

“We take you beyond traditional training.”

That’s right. When you choose to work with us, we take you beyond the traditional training methods you have become accustom too. Just like the business world, training methods are ever changing and developing. We’ll work with you to adopt new approaches and techniques, helping you to achieve measurable and sustainable results.

We’re best known for our interactive initiatives, incorporating active learning and training games in our approach.

“We help our customers implement today and plan for the changes of tomorrow.” 

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Change Management Courses Dublin FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

The professional Diploma and the APMG Foundation Certificate offer unique advantages for different professional needs. 

The diploma provides a comprehensive understanding of change management, ideal for consultants, project managers, and leaders. 

The APMG Foundation Certificate focuses on practical application and benefits project managers, team leaders, and anyone involved in change processes. 

The APMG Certificate from Althris allows immediate application of learned tools, accelerating career growth and providing a competitive edge in the job market. Choose the APMG certificate for practical skills and global recognition in a shorter timeframe.

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