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APMG International Change Management

ChangeManagementLogoSized Change Management Foundation Course

Individuals with in-depth change management skills are in high demand as the demands of industries are ever-changing. 

Our professional Change Management course provides participants with the necessary tools to excel and progress in this field as change leaders. 

Gain invaluable leadership and managing change knowledge, allowing you to efficiently tackle different scenarios that project management professionals face frequently.

This highly practical course will equip you with the necessary skills to effectively manage change and make it ‘stick’. Learn how to inspire others, navigate the stakeholder engagement process, tackle resistance, communicate changes efficiently, and evaluate any transition’s complexity.

Change management is a pivotal part of business transformation for projects and company-wide strategies. This APMG-accredited programme, created in collaboration with Change Management Institute (CMI), will give you a thorough understanding of the importance, objectives and benefits of change, transition and transformation management. It also prepares you for the official APMG Change Management Foundation Exam. 

Get started on your change management training today!

Enrol in this course and become fully equipped to apply your new knowledge and pass the exam. Make sure to kickstart your change management journey today!

Who benefits from Change Management?

By completing our Change Management Practitioner Course, you will gain the knowledge and confidence to manage change initiatives effectively, understand and apply appropriate process frameworks for organisational change, master skills in performing key roles during change processes, and become a valuable and dependable manager for your organisation.”

Change management is vital for successful business transformation. Our professional Change Management course provides learners with the tools to succeed in this field by teaching them essential leadership and change-managing competencies. The programme, accredited by APMG and created in partnership with Change Management Institute (CMI), gives you a comprehensive understanding of changing objectives, benefits and transition management. Plus, you’ll be fully prepared for your Change Management Foundation Certificate exam!

Gain the knowledge and proficiency to become part of teams that specify, develop, implement and sustain change initiatives. With this course, you’ll be able to unlock any resistance to change, give support and motivation to individuals and teams during transitions, draw on various professional approaches to implement changes successfully, manage and inform stakeholders effectively, and speed up the process for change initiatives.

Boost your professional profile and qualifications with a fully accredited Change Management Foundation Certification course!

Enrol in this course now and get ready to apply your new skills while passing the exam – enabling you to reap a range of rewards such as increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction, cost savings and more. 

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How can your organisation benefit from Change Management?

You can investigate various Change Management approaches and determine which ones you might implement in your organisation. Adopting an orderly approach will aid you in grasping how you personally manage change; as part of a team or company and as a director or leader.

Topics Covered in the Change Management Foundation Training

  • Leading Change – Uncover various change management context learning models and comprehend how to manage the emotions that arise at various stages of the transformation process.
  • Leading the Process – Understand the ways organisations and people respond to change. Examine the change impact, planning for change, and strategies to overcome resistance.
  • Leading Myself – Gain an appreciation of leadership principles concerning personal growth. Obtain insights into honing your leadership abilities through self-awareness, techniques for enhancing resilience, and improving communication skills.
  • Leading Others – Realise the importance of your job as a people manager. Learn approaches to improve your leadership skills, enabling you to effectively connect and engage with individuals and lead them through change.
  • The Change Process – Design an appropriate change process for your organisation. Explore different approaches to successful organisational change, contrasting planned and emergent changes, typical roles during transformation, and organisational culture.
  • Common Barriers to Change – Investigate the common obstacles to change and some of the explanations why organisations and people oppose it. Comprehend the necessity of employee engagement and solutions to assist individuals throughout their transition journey.
  • Embedding Change – Recognise the factors that are essential for successful transformation.

Who should attend Change Management Foundation Training?

This Change Management Foundation training is an excellent opportunity for:

  • People newly appointed to management roles
  • Business change managers looking to expand their knowledge
  • Organisational development managers
  • Individuals involved in the advancement of knowledgeable workers
  • Transformation team members involved in many projects on the go at once
  • Product and project managers
  • Software developers and testers
  • Business analysts
  • High-level management roles or senior responsible owners involved in leading organisational change

Our Change Management training is perfect for anyone looking to gain a better insight into change management.

Course Content/Modules

  • Change and the organisation
  • Change and the individual
  • Communications & stakeholder engagement
  • Change management best practices
  • Practical exercises
  • Case study review
  • Group activities
  • Mock exam

The Change Management Book of Knowledge (CMBoK) is included in the course.

Course Duration

3 days

Course Delivery Methods

Instructor-led in-class training

Practitioner Certification

Upon successful completion, participants receive an APMG certificate.)


No prerequisites are needed to join this course, just an interest in Change Management! We highly recommend our participants take a look at our pre-course study materials no matter their experience level.

Our instructor will be teaching the class over 3 days with a range of different activities and topics. You can expect to experience mock exams, Change Management exercises, case studies, and group activities and the Effective Change Manager’s Handbook is included as part of the course too!

The Change Management Certificate Exam will take place on the last day of the course. The time allocated for this closed-book examination with 50 questions is 40 minutes, and participants must attain a score of 50% or higher to pass. Once completed, all students will receive a Certificate from APMG.

We also offer an Advanced Change management practitioner certificate for transformation projects professionals pursuing their training further!

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