Change Management Practitioner Course

Welcome to Althris, your Learning and Development Expert for Agile and Project Management. We are excited to announce the launch of our new Change Management Practitioner Course, designed to shape you into a dependable manager who can successfully handle change initiatives.

Key Features and Benefits

Meeting the Demands of a Dynamic Business Environment

Become a Certified APMG Change Management Practitioner

    • Build your expertise with the APMG International Change Management Foundation and Practitioner certifications 

    • Prepare yourself to manage any organisational change process with a globally recognised change management training certification.

Master the Effective Change Manager’s Handbook

    • Guided learning on the critical concepts, processes, and frameworks developed by the Change Management Institute for managing change initiatives. 

    • Equip yourself with the most up-to-date tools and techniques for successful organisational change.

Hands-on Classroom Training

    • Interactive workshops, practical exercises, and real-life case studies reinforce the knowledge gained. 

    • Experience a comprehensive and immersive learning environment.


“The Change Management Practitioner Course truly helped me enhance my skills and understand the practical aspects of managing change. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to take their change management expertise to the next level.” – Past Participant, Project Manager

“This course provided an invaluable foundation for understanding change management. The materials and knowledge gained will be a crucial asset in driving successful organisational change.” – Past Participant., Operations Manager

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Althris is proud to cover the whole of Ireland, with a specific focus on Dublin, ensuring that our high-quality Change Management Practitioner Certification courses are accessible across the country.

Our expertise lies in delivering customised, in-house courses. We adapt the learning experience to align with your existing or upcoming change program, offering practical guidance and support to ensure the success of your change initiatives.

Change Management Course Layout

    1. Introduction & Overview

    1. Change and the Individual

    1. Change and the Organisation

    1. Communications & Stakeholder Engagement

    1. Change Management Practice

    1. Certification Exam Preparation

    1. Exam & Certification

The Change Management Practitioner Course is your key to unlocking the knowledge and skills required for thriving in today’s fast-paced business world. Discover new ways of managing change initiatives and strengthen your position as a dependable manager. Don’t wait to elevate your project management skills. Enroll today!

Unleash Successful Organisational Change Programmes with Our Change Management Practitioner Course

Become a dependable manager and steer your team towards effective change initiatives with our internationally accredited course. Gain the knowledge and confidence needed to adapt change management strategies and drive successful organisational change in the dynamic business world.

    • Practical, Real-world Approach: Our course focuses on the practical aspects of effective change management related to individuals, organisations, communications, stakeholder engagement, and change management practice.

    • Complementary with Other Approaches: The course aligns perfectly with formal portfolio, programme, and project management approaches (such as MOP®, MSP®, and PRINCE2®), but prior knowledge of these approaches is not required.

    • In-Depth Study: Get a comprehensive understanding of change management by studying selected sections of The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook, which provides a clear pathway to the principles, theories, and practice of change management.

    • Internationally Accredited Qualification: Obtain a recognised Foundation and Practitioner certification by completing this intensive training course.

Who is this Course For?

This course is ideal for:

    • Staff and teams involved in all aspects of change management

    • Individuals leading or about to lead and manage a change programme

    • Those seeking a recognised, internationally accredited qualification

    • Change team members involved in change initiatives

    • Individuals supporting colleagues and teams through change

This comprehensive 3-day Foundation course combines theoretical input and practical sessions to teach the APM Group’s ‘Foundation-level’ syllabus.

The course is delivered by an APMG approved trainer who possesses practical experience in change management.

In addition to covering the APM Group Foundation exam, the course emphasises the application of the method through practical tasks, ensuring delegates gain a deeper understanding of Change Management concepts.

This approach also prepares them for taking the Practitioner-level exam in the future.

The Foundation exam is scheduled for the final day, allowing ample time to cover all aspects of Change Management. It is a closed-book, 50 multiple-choice question format exam and lasts 40 minutes.

Delegates wishing to make the most of the course should dedicate approximately 4-6 hours to studying the pre-course material in advance.

What’s in It for You?

By completing our Change Management Practitioner Course, you will gain the knowledge and confidence to manage change initiatives effectively, understand and apply appropriate process frameworks for organisational change, master skills in performing key roles during change processes, and become a valuable and dependable manager for your organisation.”

By completing our Change Management Practitioner Course, you will:

    • Gain the knowledge and confidence to manage change initiatives effectively

    • Understand and apply appropriate process frameworks for organisational change

    • Master skills in performing key roles during change processes

    • Become a valuable and dependable manager for your organisation

Enrollment and Pricing

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Note: Pre-requisites for the course include some experience in change management or programme/project management. Classroom training and course materials are provided.


What is a change management practitioner?

A change management practitioner is an individual who has the skills and knowledge to manage, lead and implement change initiatives in a business environment. They are typically responsible for developing action plans, facilitating stakeholder engagement activities, measuring and evaluating progress against objectives, and managing resources throughout the project lifecycle.

Change management practitioners understand the importance of taking into account both the people side of change and the technical aspects. They are also skilled in communication, problem-solving and creating a positive environment for change.

Is PROSCI better than APMG?

Both APMG and PROSCI are change management frameworks that provide excellent tools for organisations, teams and individuals wishing to manage change initiatives for the best results. While both offer comprehensive guidance on how to effectively lead, plan and implement change in the workplace, they have different approaches.

APMG focuses on ensuring successful organisational transformation by adhering to a structured process. PROSCI focuses on people-centric change, helping individuals understand the reasons behind the change and the best way to manage it.

How hard is the Althris Change Management Practitioner Course?

The Althris Change Management Practitioner course is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and skills in change management, enabling participants to manage any organisational transformation initiative successfully. The course consists of lectures, workshops and hands-on exercises that ensure participants understand the concepts fully.

Although there is no specific difficulty level associated with the course, it does require an understanding of project management principles and an ability to think objectively. Therefore, it is recommended that participants come prepared with a basic grasp of the subject matter before enrolling in the course.

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