PRINCE2® 7th Foundation Training and Exam

The PRINCE2® certification suits anyone working within a PRINCE project environment, irrespective of their role - project manager, support staff, or team member. This course provides an understanding of project management principles and practices. It's an effective way to achieve successful outcomes by leading project teams and enhancing your experience as a project manager.

UPCOMING DATE25-27 March 2024 (In Person)
15-17 April 2024 (Online)
8-10 May 2024 (In Person)
24-26 June 2024 (Online)
22-24 July 2024 (In Person)
9-11 September 2024 (Online)
14-16 October 2024 (In Person)

Althris offers the globally recognized PRINCE2® Foundation Training in Dublin, a comprehensive course tailored for aspiring and seasoned project managers. PRINCE2® (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is a leading project management methodology adopted worldwide, providing a structured approach to ensure successful project delivery.

Through Althris, participants delve into the core principles, themes, and processes of PRINCE2®, gaining invaluable skills and knowledge to enhance their project management capabilities. Whether you’re a project manager, director, or support personnel, this training is your gateway to project management excellence.

What is PRINCE2® Foundation?

PRINCE2® encompasses well-established project management methodologies used in business and government for managing successful projects. It provides a proven best practice model that ensures project delivery is on time, on budget and high quality.

PRINCE2® training is used extensively in the public sector and private sector. The PRINCE2® certification is recognised worldwide as a valuable training certification for those managing projects and offers some of the best practices and guidance for project manager roles.

The PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner courses provide aspiring project managers with the certification and training to better control resources and manage project risk more effectively.

Each student passing the PRINCE2® Foundation exam receives a PRINCE2® certification and will appear on the PRINCE2® Successful Candidate Registers.

Who Can Benefit From PRINCE2® Foundation Training?

PRINCE2® Foundation can benefit any project management professional working in a particular sector managing multiple projects or a business. Others who can benefit include:

  • Anyone wishing to enhance their current project management experience or certified project manager skills and knowledge to improve potential employment opportunities.
  • Project Managers
  • Directors/Executives of projects and training groups
  • Organisations
  • Project Board members
  • Senior Responsible Owners
  • Team Managers
  • Product Delivery Managers
  • Project Assurance
  • Certified Projects Director
  • Project Support personnel

How Can PRINCE2® Benefit Your Organisation?

PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner training provides the architecture and standards to deliver projects successfully for organisations.

PRINCE2® provides a common and consistent approach to project delivery. PRINCE2® training ensures that project management, team roles, and individuals follow a controlled start, middle and end with a consistent review of progress against plan.

Topics Covered in PRINCE2® Foundation Training Courses

The PRINCE2® Foundation Training course journey is divided into multiple stages to ensure a comprehensive understanding and practical application of its principles, themes, and processes.

Here are the main stages:

  1. Introduction to PRINCE2® and Project Management: This stage offers an overview of the PRINCE2® methodology, its significance, and its role in effective project management.
  2. Exploring PRINCE2® Methodology and Structure: In this stage, students delve deeper into the structure of PRINCE2®, gaining insight into its unique components and how they interrelate.
  3. Understanding the PRINCE2® Principles: This stage focuses on the seven guiding principles of PRINCE2® that form the foundation of its method.
  4. The PRINCE2® Themes: This stage covers the seven themes of PRINCE2® that provide insights into project management aspects like risk, quality, changes, and more.
  5. The PRINCE2® Processes: Learners explore the seven processes of PRINCE2® that guide the project from initiation to closure.
  6. The PRINCE2® Tailoring: This stage provides guidance on how to tailor PRINCE2® to any project environment, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.
  7. Understanding PRINCE2® Project Management: This stage consolidates all learning and focuses on the application of PRINCE2® concepts in real-world project management scenarios.

Following the stages covered in the foundation course, the PRINCE2® Exam takes place on the last day in the afternoon.

Who Should Attend PRINCE2® Foundation Training?

This course targets project managers and team members that wish to consider or are using PRINCE2®. It is a vital tool for any certified senior project manager.

Althris has an outstanding pass rate at PRINCE2® Foundation Training Dublin. Highly experienced local trainers present this intensive course in a lively and engaging format.

PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission from AXELOS Limited.


Althris is proud to offer comprehensive PRINCE2® training services throughout Ireland, ensuring aspiring project managers nationwide access to quality education and certification pathways.

In particular, our Dublin location is home to our engaging in-class training sessions, where students can interact with highly experienced trainers and peers, making the learning experience interactive and effective.

Testimonials & Success Stories

“Enrolling in the PRINCE2® training course was an enriching experience for me. The course content was comprehensive and engaging, and the instructors were highly knowledgeable. The interactive case studies and practice exams significantly boosted my confidence and prepared me for the actual exam. The flexible e-learning portal allowed me to study at my own pace, making the learning process much more comfortable. I can confidently say that the PRINCE2® certification has enhanced my project management skills, opening up more growth opportunities in my career.” – Past Participant, Project Manager

“We engaged Althris to deliver a custom PRINCE2® training for our project management team. The tailored course content, designed to align with our company’s unique requirements, was incredibly beneficial. The expert trainers demonstrated a deep understanding of the PRINCE2® methodology and its practical application in our industry. The training has significantly improved our team’s project management capabilities, leading to more efficient workflows and successful project outcomes. We highly recommend Althris for their professionalism, adaptability, and commitment to achieving real results.” – Past Participant.



  • PRINCE2® Foundation Course Manual: This comprehensive manual provides detailed information on all aspects of the PRINCE2® methodology, serving as an invaluable reference and study guide.
  • Practice Exams and Mock Tests: These resources help students assess their understanding and readiness for the actual PRINCE2® exam. Our exam preparation resources mimic the format and difficulty level of the real exam.
  • PRINCE2® Process Flow Diagrams: These tools visually depict the PRINCE2® processes, aiding in understanding the flow of activities and their interrelations.
  • Interactive Case Studies and Templates: These provide practical applications of PRINCE2® principles, themes, and processes, enhancing understanding and ensuring readiness for real-world project management scenarios.
  • Course Presentation Slides: These slides encapsulate essential information from each module, acting as a quick revision and reinforcement tool for students.
  • Access to E-Learning Portal: This portal offers a flexible learning environment for students, housing all course materials and supplementary resources in one easy-to-access place.
  • End of Module Quizzes: These quizzes provide instant feedback on students’ understanding of each module, assisting in identifying areas needing further attention.


  • Sample Exam Paper 1
  • Sample Exam Paper 2


  • Exam Prompt Sheet
  • Process Map
  • Syllabus Guide
  • Exam Instructions

Training Delivery Methods

  • Classroom-based training: Learn in a physical classroom environment with an experienced instructor and fellow peers. This interactive setting allows for direct communication and questions, as well as the use of various training materials.
  • Virtual, live trainer-led sessions: Take advantage of flexible learning options with virtual class sessions, online videos, and downloadable material.
  • In-house or customised training for teams: Althris offers tailored training packages for teams wishing to pursue a PRINCE2® certification. These sessions are delivered on-site and can be adjusted according to the team’s schedule and unique needs.

Pricing & Special Offers 

  • Course fee: €950.00 (includes exam fee)
  • Sign up for course discounts and be the first to be informed of our last-minute deals and promotions.
  • Ready to enhance your team’s project management skills with a custom PRINCE2® course? Contact us today to learn more about our bespoke PRINCE2® courses and how they can help drive better project outcomes for your organisation.

Examination & Certification

PRINCE2® Foundation Exam Format

The PRINCE2® Foundation exam follows a multiple-choice format. It consists of 60 questions, and the candidates are required to achieve a minimum score of 36 out of 60 (60%) to pass the exam.

The duration of the exam is one hour. It is a ‘closed-book’ exam, so candidates are not allowed to refer to any material during the exam.

The exam primarily assesses the candidate’s understanding of the PRINCE2® methodology, principles, themes, and processes.

The PRINCE2® Foundation exam serves as a stepping stone towards the more advanced PRINCE2® Practitioner certification training.

PRINCE2® Foundation – 7th Edition Certification

The 7th edition emphasises the flexible and tailored approach of PRINCE2®, underlining the importance of tailoring PRINCE2® to suit the project’s specific context and requirements.

PRINCE2® certification offers numerous advantages. It validates your knowledge of best practices, enhances credibility, and demonstrates proficiency in managing projects of any scale. It opens doors to better job opportunities and higher salaries and showcases your adaptability across industries. Connect with a global network of professionals for continuous learning and development.

Enrollment & Registration

Enrol for our PRINCE 2® training course easily on our website.

  1. Choose the PRINCE2® Foundation Course.
  2. Select your preferred training method.
  3. Pick a convenient session from the available dates.
  4. Complete the registration process on our secure checkout page, and receive a confirmation email with course details.

Reach out to our customer service for any assistance.

Accreditations & Affiliations

Our training organisation is proud to be a PeopleCert Accredited Training Organisation (ATO).

  • As an accredited organisation, we provide the assurance that our PRINCE2® courses are designed and delivered to meet the stringent criteria of PeopleCert, a renowned certification body for various professional qualifications.
  • This recognition also implies that our trainers are highly competent, having undergone rigorous screening processes and having met the high standards set by PeopleCert.
  • By choosing our PRINCE2® training courses, you opt for quality, expertise, and internationally recognised certification.

Post-Training Support

Our commitment to your professional development goes beyond the classroom.

  • After completing the PRINCE2® course, we provide post-training support to help you apply your knowledge and skills.
  • Access resources such as articles, case studies, and best practice guides to enhance your understanding of the PRINCE2® methodology.
  • Engage in webinars and Q&A sessions with experienced trainers, and get assistance for exam retakes.
  • We aim to maximise the benefits of your PRINCE2® certification, boosting your effectiveness and confidence to deliver projects.


What will a PRINCE2® qualification do for me?

A PRINCE2® Certification will boost your confidence when it comes to managing projects. It will also enhance your employment prospects as PRINCE2® training is recognised worldwide. The training and groundwork that PRINCE2® provide are second to none and will greatly improve all project management skills.

Which countries recognise PRINCE2® training?

Over a million exams have been taken globally for PRINCE2® certifications, making it the most popular project management methodology. PRINCE2® training and certification are recognised globally.

What’s new in PRINCE2® 7th edition?

The PRINCE2® 6th edition and the upcoming 7th edition of the project management certification differ.

In the 6th edition, there were notable updates made from its predecessor. It added more information about tailoring to the PRINCE2® Guidance (PRINCE2 manual) and updated the syllabus to include tailoring and agile methodologies. The exams were also updated to reflect these changes.

AXELOS will launch the 7th edition in September 2023. The new PRINCE2® 7 exam addresses changes in the project management sector and adapts to evolving working practices and technologies.

How do CAPM vs PRINCE2® Foundation Certificates Differ?

The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) and PRINCE2® Foundation certificates offer different approaches to project management. CAPM, governed by the PMI, is process-oriented and focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary to manage projects effectively. It follows the PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide.

On the other hand, PRINCE2® (Projects in Controlled Environments) is a methodology that emphasises a detailed, step-by-step guide for managing projects. It is product-based and divides each project into manageable stages.

In terms of geographical popularity, being a certified project management associate is highly recognised in the USA, Canada, and Australia, while PRINCE2® is popular in the UK and Europe.

Does PRINCE2® ensure successful projects?

No! PRINCE2® does not provide any guarantees of success. It gives the project management framework for projects, and if applied correctly, it should increase the probability of project success.

Can PRINCE2® be used for non-IT projects?

Yes, it can. Unlike the first version of PRINCE, PRINCE2® is designed to suit any project.

Where can I sit PRINCE2® Exams?

PRINCE2® exams can be taken at an accredited training company. At Althris we provide online examinations for PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner exam certifications.

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