Program Management Professional (PgMP)® Preparation Course

The Program Management Professional (PgMP) course is designed for professionals managing multiple projects, focusing on aligning project outcomes with organisational goals across diverse functional, organisational, and cultural landscapes. This practical course focuses on portfolio management, which helps you excel in organising and leading projects in any business environment.

Program management is the process of managing several related projects, often with the intention of improving an organisation’s performance. The discipline of program management requires a refined set of business and leadership skills that are vastly different from that of a project manager. However, being an effective program manager still requires a firm foothold in project management as the discipline of program management is the next logical step in career progression.

This Virtual Program Management Professional (PgMP)® Preparation Course focuses on core disciplines required to deliver strategic objectives. It includes a walk through the entire life cycle of a program while facing the types of realistic challenges that are encountered in any program.

The Program Management Professional (PgMP)® Preparation Course will provide the tools and techniques for program governance, program planning, effectively managing stakeholders and ensuring that your program realizes its benefits and defined objectives.

The course is designed to achieve the Project Management Professional (PgMP)® certification


The PgMP® defines the global standard of best practices for program management professionals. As a result of attending this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively navigate the program management discipline and successfully prepare for and pass the PgMP® certification exam.

Course Duration

2 days of virtual training and with practice exams and exam-simulation exercises.

PgMP® Exam Simulator:- As part of the course, you will receive full access to Turlon’s Award-Winning Exam Simulator

Format:- Virtual Class with simulated sample exam questions

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you should learn how to:

  • Identify the steps needed to complete your exam application and meet the required criteria
  • Prepare to pass the PMI® PgMP® certification examination
  • Navigate the processes and knowledge areas of The Standard for Program Management
  • Use effective program management tools and techniques
  • Identify and implement best practice program management governance
  • Relate program delivery to business / strategic objectives
  • Initiate a large-scale program to implement organisational strategy
  • Manage, plan, execute and control a successful program consisting of multiple, related projects
  • Ensure the realisation of project and program benefits
  • Effectively manage stakeholder relationships
  • Report and control programs in an effective manner that utilises best-practice reporting tools
  • Analyse methods essential for PgMP® exam success
  • Align your program management experience with PgMP® terminology and definitions

Course Day 1: Exam Overview

  • Module 1: – Defining Program Management
    • What are Programs, Portfolios and Projects?
    • The Program Manager Role
    • The Domains of Program Management
    • Module 1 Sample Exam
  • Module 2: – Program Strategy Alignment
    • Definition and Development of Program Strategy
    • Module 2 Sample Exam

Course Day 2: Exam Overview

  • Module 3: – Program Benefit Management
    • Program Benefit Management Process
    • Module 3 Sample Exam
  • Module 4: – Program Stakeholders Engagement
    • Program Stakeholder Management Process
    • The Program Managers Mind-set
    • Module 4 Sample Exam
  • Module 5: – Program Governance
    • Program Governance and the Program Management Office
    • Program Transitioning and Change Management
    • Module 5 Sample Exam
  • Module 6: – Program Management LifeCycle
    • Program Activities and Integration Management
    • Module 6 Sample Exam
  • Module 7: – Program Management Process Mapping
    • Program Definition Phase Activities
    • Program Planning Phase Activities
    • Program Delivery Phase Activities
    • Program Closure Phase Activities
    • Module 7 Sample Exam
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