PRINCE2® in Practice



Embarking on the management of a PRINCE2 7 project demands careful consideration, recognizing that PRINCE2 project management is an investment of time and energy with the expectation of significant returns, both in terms of waste reduction and the successful culmination of the project. To optimize your PRINCE2 project management approach, we present the following comprehensive and actionable advice:

 Establish an Understanding of the goal of the project:


Ensure that the project’s purpose is not only clear but universally understood and agreed upon by all stakeholders, aligning with the structured framework of PRINCE2. This can either be a project charter of a vision for the to-be in a change initiative


Navigate PRINCE2 Procedures:

Gain an in-depth understanding of your company’s project authorization and monitoring procedures, aligning to the PRINCE2 approach to ensure a structured and controlled project environment.

Empower PRINCE2 Decision-Making:

Confirm the extent of authority you’ll have in making decisions regarding the project’s direction, in line with the governance and decision-making structure of PRINCE2. Understand how delegation is to be management.


PRINCE2 Mentorship:

If you are new to PRINCE2 project management, seek mentorship from experienced PRINCE2 practitioners to navigate the specific principles, themes, and processes of the methodology.


Align with PRINCE2 Values:

Reflect on why you’ve been chosen to manage the project, considering PRINCE2 values such as continued business justification, learning from experience, and defined roles and responsibilities.

Evaluate PRINCE2 Time Commitment:

Assess your ability to dedicate time effectively to manage the project within the structured timelines and stages defined by PRINCE2.

PRINCE2 Scope, Timing, and Cost:

Clarify your role in defining the project’s scope, timing, and cost, ensuring alignment with the PRINCE2 principles of managing by stages and focusing on products. If an Agile approach is required for some of the Deliverable understand how this fits into the overall project.

Promote PRINCE2 Communication:

Ensure direct and transparent communication of the project concept, promoting open communication channels in accordance with the communication management approach of PRINCE2.


Leverage PRINCE2 Learning:

Extract lessons from your organization’s past PRINCE2 project experiences, emphasizing the importance of tailoring the methodology to suit the project environment.

Commit to PRINCE2 Principles:

Reaffirm your commitment to the seven PRINCE2 principles, embracing the structured approach, tailoring, and continuous improvement inherent in the methodology.


Remember that each PRINCE2 project contributes not only to your growth as a project manager but also to your proficiency in implementing the PRINCE2 methodology. Embrace the structured PRINCE2 approach, where clarity, controlled processes, and a focus on business justification are paramount, and view each project as an opportunity for continuous improvement within the PRINCE2 framework.

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